LinkedIn Just Got Better – CPAs Can Use LinkedIn to Build Thought Leadership

LinkedIn recently expanded its publishing platform to allow all users the opportunity to write and share longform posts to their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Publishing Tool

Users will see a pencil icon near the Share Box on LinkedIn which will allow them to publish longform blog posts or articles directly to their profile. Image: LinkedIn

Longform posts were previously only offered to a small group of industry leaders known as “LinkedIn Influencers” and were basically blog posts or short articles published directly to the platform. According to LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products, Ryan Roslansky, the influencer posts generate nearly 31,000 views and more than 80 comments, on average.

With the new changes, every user will have the opportunity to compose these longform posts and link them to their profile.

Here is how it can benefit CPAs:

1. Once the article is published it will become a part of your public profile: This means that when someone does a search for you online, this article will come up with your LinkedIn profile. If you are solving a unique challenge in the profession, this could be your opportunity to go into more detail on your LinkedIn page.

2. LinkedIn will push some of the higher quality content to relevant audiences: If your longform post is well received, it could essentially be disseminated by LinkedIn itself. Talk about having a broad audience!

3. You can link to your existing blogs, websites, white papers, etc.: This is the perfect way to bring all of your other communication tools together and to your audience via LinkedIn. If LinkedIn has been a great way to connect with prospective clients, then lead them down the path to get to know you and your firm better.

4. You can exercise your thought leadership muscles: Use your longform posts to write about meaningful and timely topics. Use this opportunity to address issues that your clients often face and where you feel you could help them solve a problem.

This expanded functionality was released yesterday. Users will now see a small pencil icon to the right of their Share Box when signed into LinkedIn. Clicking the pencil icon will open a new window where users can compose their posts, edit fonts, add links and add titles.

I encourage CPAs to take advantage of this new functionality and continue to further the benefits of using LinkedIn for business.

Elizabeth Fiore is the Marketing Manager for CPAmerica International. She manages all of the association’s external communication, including branding, social media, press releases, event marketing collateral and the website for CPAmerica and CPAConnect.


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